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New Location

I am no longer at this location!

You can find me at

Come on over and visit!

Moving and Shaking Going on Over Here!!

Hey guys! You know when you have been stuck in a bit of a rut and you just know it is time for a change? Well, I am there! It is time for me to change things around a bit and do some reorganizing. I have decided ( with a little helpful prodding from a friend) to build my own website! Have I built a website- no. Do I know how to- no. But now is the time and I am an eager learner and self starter! I want a place for me and Bird in a Tree. Everything in one place, streamlined. I am creating a site that will contain my blog, my shop and all things Bird in a Tree in one place. I am super excited and ready to take this new path. I'm letting you all know that I won't be blogging as much in the meantime. I am aiming to have it up and running by November 1st. This will be a challenge as I am also preparing for an art bazaar Dec 1st. I will let everyone know when my new home is ready. XOXO

Until next time- never stop growing, changing and evolving!

Messy Studio = Stuff Getting Finished!

Hey Y'all! Been very busy making cool stuff, sorting out costumes for the kids and stressing about the messy house yet doing nothing about it! I feel as if I am getting sick to boot! I'm keeping this post short and sweet so I can paint a little then hit the sack early. I'm posting pictures of my "Very Used" studio- ahem- and one of the items that are fully created. The rest are in various stages of finish which I will share as soon as they reach that point.

Yes, the floor is totally covered with papers, scissors, trinkets etc. Oh, and my Ipod- I love to listen to books while I make cool stuff! That table is where I mold and sculpt with my paperclay.

Paints of every color, glues, adhesives, Liquid Pearls- You name it! I actually know where everything is here!

Here is a box of completed ornaments. I am very pleased with how they tuned out. They are made out of Paperclay, which is a very light weight clay, so they are not very heavy at all!!! Decorated and embellished with paint, papers, liquid pearls, Stickles and drum roll please- GLITTER!!!! I will have to say, I am not a snobby creator and will add glitter wherever I see fit. Me love glitter! LOL!

Until next time- sometimes it's ok to rest- give yourself a break!

Pumpkin Patch!

Wren went on her first field trip yesterday- to the Pumpkin Patch!!! Of course I went along, one of the many reasons I chose to be a stay at home mom so that I could always participate in their lives. She was very excited to ride in the van with all her classmates! Here are some pics of the adventure!

Getting ready to leave with the class

Listening to a story

Ms. Kim reading a story

Cool pumpkin

Another cool pumpkin

Spotted this cute flower amongst the pumpkins

Wrennie's class

This guy was about an inch long !

Wren and her scarecrow buddy

Until next time- enjoy every moment, they are gone before you know it!

Move it Monday Part 6

Hey Guys! I believe I am on week 7 of my get fit journey and loving to see and feel all the changes in my body. I feel better and have much more energy. I have been working out 3 days a week but this week I am uping it to 4! I have lost 7lbs and now my size 11's are too big! Woot Woot! I continue with the clean eating- well, except every now and then! Once in a while a girl just has to have and ice cream sandwiched in between 2 chocolate chip cookies- YUM!  I think I might even see enough difference to start showing Y'all some progress pics!

Me- in all my work out glory! LMAO!

Until next time- If you want to make a change in your life, you can do it!!

I Have been a Busy Beaver!

Missed a couple of days blogging! I have been hard at work! Making birds and ornaments- I love paperclay!!! So much fun!

Steampunk ornament! Going to make a set of  these!

Almost finished with this blue set.

Hanging out with my favorite girls!

Sharkey lounging!!

Back to work! I will keep you all updated on the ornaments.
Until next time- Love, Create and Love some more!!!

A Week of Tests

This week has definitely tested me! Just when I think I am on a roll and am on top of everything- The Universe humbly reminds me who is in control- not me!!! LOL! Willow was very sick with an ear infection and missed 3 days of school. Wren missed these 3 as well because Willow was just too sick to drag around.    Then the night before Willow was going back to school, something went terribly wrong with my back! I think I injured it at the gym and then made it worse working out at home with the sick kids. I can barely walk and the pain is horrible. I have not made it to the gym in a week and this makes me mad!! Another lesson in slowing down and letting things that are out of my control go. I have not been able to work on my art either which makes me mad. LOL Yet another lesson in letting go. Things will return to normal and I know this. So, I am releasing this anger. Willow feels better and I will too- that is what is most important and everything else will fall into place. I was very busy with birds until this happened- check out my desk- it looks kinda scary!!

Until next time, let go and roll with it!