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My New Light Cube!!!

I finally received my new tool in the mail! My Light cube!!! I never knew these things existed, but on my hunt for knowledge about taking better pictures of my arts and crafts I learned about the light cubes!!! Awesome! I have several items made that I would love to put up in my Artfire Shop, however taking pictures of them proved to be quite a challenge. Just another fine opportunity to excel! With 2 little very hands on girls running around it was just about impossible to take picture. Trying to find the right light, right time, etc., etc. I thought if I had a light cube I may take pics at night when they are in bed and have no light problem to boot! I found a great deal on this light cube from Cowboy Studios. Here is what I received:
My New Light Cube

Included: cube, 2 lights, 4 backgrounds, a table tripod and the handy dandy little black stand- get this- all for @ $60 bucks! Woo Hoo!!! Of course I did alot of research to find the best product for me at the best price. I think it will work out wonderfully!! I am going to have to play around with the backgrounds and lighting a bit but here is the first shot I took with it:
Not too shabby- and this was just a point and shoot with no adjusting or anything like that yet. I think I will be very happy. Needless to say- I will be listing several of my cool pieces of jewelry and art work soon on my Artfire.
Until later Peeps...

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mail2envy said...

i got one for my parents to sell on ebay a while ago... so cool!

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