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Photo Friday

I have always loved taking pictures. I remember when got my first camera when I was about 10 or 11. It was a polaroid instant. You know the kind, where you take a picture and get instant gratification when that picture spits out of the camera and you wait for the picture to magically appear as it dries. I used to take pictures of my cabbage patch dolls and my brothers. I just loved it.
Before I had children I loved to take pictures of nature. Ride my bike to the beach stopping along the way for cool rocks or trees. Now that I have kids most of my photographs are of my children- but taking pictures of nature is still my favorite!

That being said- I am making Fridays- "Photo Friday"
Here are some of my pics to kick it off!!!!!
Right outside of my house

Savannahs Park, FL.

The lone flower on the path!

Appreciate all the beauty around you!!! Until next time-

Breaking Old Habits and Creating New Ones



an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary: the habit of looking both ways before crossing the street.
customary practice or use: Daily bathing is an American habit.
a particular practice, custom, or usage: the habit of shaking hands.
Yesterday I celebrated the anniversary of being clean and sober for 4 years. I figured what better day to start a new. I started with yesterday's post on peeling back my layers and facing fears. There are several bad habits I would like to brake and other habits I would like to practice.
I need and want to quit smoking. Ok, I really don't want to quit but deep down I know I need to exchange that habit for a better one. I really would love to start working out and get into great shape. This will not happen until I brake the habit of smoking. I have given myself the deadline of September. The past 2 days I have done pretty well and will continue to persevere. 
I would also like to create a new habit of blogging everyday. The more I put it off, the easier it is to just not to write. So here is my second day in a row of writing. 

applause! Pictures, Images and Photos

Until next time-

Peeling Back the Layers

Lately I have been thinking about peeling back my layers. Every time I think of that phrase it reminds me of this great dialogue between Shrek and Donkey. (Hey, I'm a mom- alot of my references and A-Ha moments now come from children's movies!)For those of you who are not familiar- here is a clip- the best one I could find.

I have been feeling quite stuck for awhile, creatively, and could not figure out why. I had plenty of excuses- most of them being I am tired. Now that is very true to a point. Being a stay at home mom to a 4 and 3 year old is very mentally, emotionally and physically draining but should not always stand in the way of my creating.
I finally came up with the real reason and surprise- it is the most obvious, slap you in the face reason:

                       FEAR FEAR FEAR

Now, I could have pointed that out in someone else, or someone could have told me- but I would not believe them and deny it till the cows come home. This was a conclusion That I had to come to on my own. Fear of rejection, fear of making crappy stuff, fear of making things people don't like and just general fear of the unknown. I got down to the heart of it and asked myself-
Why do you create?  Well, because it makes me happy and makes me feel alive.
Then a voice inside of me said, "That's all that matters"
So, that being said, in order for me to conquer this fear I will start posting pictures of all my artistic endeavors. What I perceive as good and what I perceive as crappy!!! EVERYTHING!!! Unfinished projects, barely started projects, and experimentation with new mediums. Once I realize that the world will not crumble underneath my feet I will be on my way to conquering a great fear.

Until next time peeps-

Magnolia Bloom

The other day the girls and I went on a walk to see if any of the Magnolia trees had bloomed- and they had!!! We picked one flower and here are some pics. I think the core of the flower is just magnificent and they smell awesome!
Magnolia trees are very special to my husband and I because we were married under a 100 year old Magnolia tree in a little town called Monroe, Ga. We are aiming to go back there on our 5 year wedding anniversary in January so the girls can see the "infamous" Magnolia tree!!!

Butterflies Emerge!!!

The little butterfly larvae that arrived at our house first cocooned and now they are butterflies!!! Painted Lady Butterflies! Here are some pics!

Pretty cool, huh? The girls and I released them and are ready for our next little creature. They really want a Praying Mantis!
Until next time-

Metamorphisis- Part 2

The little caterpillars that we received a little over a week ago have begun to make their journey to the top of their container to begin the chrysalis phase!!! Here are some pics!!!!

Until next time-