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Tree Time!

Lil' Wren decorating

My husband put on a fireplace dvd!

Lil' Wrennie crawling under the tree.
Last week we got our Christmas Tree. We decided to go with an artificial. We saw this one and we just knew it was the one. They did not have any more left so we took the floor model for a discount.(woot woot!) It was quite hilarious shoving this tree into the truck! The girls had a great time decorating and my husband has a dvd of a crackling fireplace that we put on the tv!
It was great fun, I just wish that I was able to enjoy it more. This evil depression is still plaguing me. I had my meds switched a week ago, so hopefully soon they will help. I just can't stand being in this darkness, especially with all the light that surrounds me.

Until next time- keep your love light shining!

Depression Sucks Big Time!!!

It has been over a week since I have blogged. I  have been trying to consistently blog at least 2 days a week. Why haven't I you ask? Depression. Not a situational depression, like my life sucks or I have a shitty husband depression. The kind that comes from your chemicals in your brain being all wonky!  I have awesome children, a husband who supports all my dreams and aspirations, and we can pay the bills. But still... the funk. I just don't want to do anything. The activities that would normally bring me joy- I have no interest in. I have not made art in over a month and I am faking it with everything else. I see my Dr. on Friday, but I have just about lost faith in him too. This constant game of adjusting medications is getting to me... bad! Alas, I will not give up. That is not in my nature. I am a survivor!
Below is one reason I keep on keepin' on! My Daughter Willow!!!
ok, I just noticed... it looks like she is throwing up gang signs! WTH!! LOL!!
Until next time- don't let nothing get you down- let it strengthen you!