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I Feel Good! Da na na na nuh!

In case you did not get it, the title  post is a James Brown reference because I am doing super happy dances!!
I finally finished my first "Rebel Fairy"!  Between all the hats I wear, sometimes the artist hat gets neglected! This is definitely a hat I need to put on more often because it makes me so stinkin' happy! I took some pics to give you guys a sneak peak. Really quite horrible pictures but I just could not contain myself. I'll take better ones tomorrow in the sunshine!
This is the base that I painted then crackled.

I stamped the crackle and then glued pretty little stones all around the edge.

Don't mess with a Fairy!!!

Here's my girl!

The second piece of most awesome news is that my soaps were featured in 3 collections this week!!!
One entitled, "Perfect Shades of Purple"  ,  "Have You Checked in Today?"  , "Fun Yellows and Oranges"

I also created my first collection on Artfire that made it to the feature front page!!!
I definitely feel the Universe telling me I am heading in the right direction and that all my work is starting to pay off!!

Be patient, the Universe says. Keep spending all your time with your precious girls and fit art in when you can. Before you know it, you will have more time to create. But continue what you are doing and savior that time. I promise- The Universe

Until next time- savor each precious moment.

Drums, Dancing, Feathers and Love

This Sunday the fam and I went to the annual Pow Wow at Savannah's Park. We love to go and take in the music and culture. It was very overcast and in the middle of a dance it started to pour rain so I wasn't able to get too many pictures of the dancers in their feathery costumes. I think one of the best parts of the day is when we sat at a picnic table so the girls could eat their blue snow cones and my hubby his fried gator! Sitting next to us was an old couple. (probably in their 70's or 80's) They both had motorized scooters. They were enjoying some food and each others company and talking to us about other Pow Wow's they had attended. In the middle of eating, the man reached for a bag and took out his camera with all types of lenses on it. This was a serious camera! She had food on her face, giggled and said, "I knew you were going to do that!" He smiled and snapped some photos of her. It was just so heartwarming- you could see them as young kids giggling. Still enjoying each others company after all these years!!
Here are some pics of the day.

Wren watching the dancers

Storm looming over us

Love trees!

Willow's blue tongue

Wren's blue tongue

Some of the dancers

Daddy and his girls!

Until next time, Drum, Dance and Love!

Crystal Core Soap Giveaway!!!

Hey Y'all!! I am celebrating reaching a goal on my Facebook Fan page! I will giving away one of my handmade Crystal energy core soaps!
To enter:
1. Go to my Bird in a Tree Creations fan page.
2. Make sure you "like" me!
3. Enter your name under the giveaway post and one word that inspires you!
Yep!!! That's it. Easy, huh?
Winner will be chosen randomly.
You can enter up until Saturday night at 8:00 pm est (3/24)
Good luck and thanks for supporting my creative journey!!

Until next time-


1. I love rainbows!
2. I love it when I can get to the camera fast enough to capture it before it disappears!
Here is an awesome one I captured the other day!

Until next time- keep chasing rainbows!!!

Rebel Fairies

I am almost finished with my first piece in my Rebel Fairies series! Here is a sneak peak. Hope to finish her tonight and get started on a new one! She has a cute little stand that she is fixin' to go in!
Hope Monday is treating Y'all well!

Until next time-

New Design and Lovin' It!!!

I have had this blog for almost 2 years! I can't believe it! I have not been very consistent with writing but I am working on changing all of that. I think part of the problem was that I did not like my blog, it was ugly and cluttered!  My blog needed a face lift and bad! my friend Polly always has a beautiful amazing blog, so I went to her for help. She totally redesigned it for me and made it easier for visitors to navigate. Now I want to write more! If you need help or a little face lift with your blog- go check her out! This Enchanted Pixie
I also needed a better system to organize my thoughts and ideas and Polly has a great little planner I printed out to help me stay organized. Great blog planner to stay organized!

Until next time-

Canvas a Month Class

I signed up to take The Canvas a Month class from Donna Downey. It is totally affordable and I am learning all kinds of new techniques! Each month she has a video where she shows you how to make 1 canvas. I just finished my January canvas! ( I know, it's March- but I have very little creative time with a 4 and 5 year old!) If you are interested in her online classes- CLICK HERE!

Here are pics of my January canvas.

So much fun and it great adding new techniques to my creative library!
Again- if you want to check out these e-courses- head on over to Donna Downey!

Until next time- keep learning!

Willow's 5th Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Willow's 5th birthday! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Here are some pics!
Hello Kitty cake

Willow getting excited about her cake!

Daddy! XOXO

Blowing out the candles

Wrennie eating cake

Willow love cake!

Dollhouse for Willow and Wren

Excitement over the dollhouse!
Until next time- cherish every moment!