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Photo Friday- Florida Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season starts June 1st and we desperately need the rain but Mother Nature- can you please keep the Hurricanes down to a minimum? This season does give me an awesome opportunity to take pictures of some pretty fabulous skies.(One of my favorite things to photograph!)
Here are the first stormy sky photos of the season!

Until next time-

That Would Taste Good on a Stick


A little while back my husband and I went around to check out some VPK programs (Voluntary pre- kindergarten) for our daughter Willow. We finally decided on one that just had a nice feel to the classroom. Let me tell you that we have a family that has a rather odd sense of humor I suppose and we love to joke around with each other all the time. When the teacher was giving us a tour she showed us the little Hermit Crab tank. The class pet.
Willow looked at the Hermit Crab and enthusiastically said, "That would taste good on a stick!!!"
Oh boy!

Until next time-

Glitter or not to Glitter- That is the Question My Friends...

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This morning I was looking at all the glitter I have in my art studio. Who doesn't love glitter, right? It's like sunshine, magic and rainbows all in one place. Then I thought, what a shame that I never really use this glitter. Why? Well, too much glitter is tacky, right? Who made up that rule. Who decided that too many shiny, glittery things is tacky? Then when you turn like 70, it is all of the sudden cool again to put as many shiny glittery things on your sweaters! I just don't get it??!!

So, in the honor of glitter I think I will have to make a picture on a canvas comprised of nothing but shiny glittery things!!!!

Here's to glitter!!!!