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That Would Taste Good on a Stick


A little while back my husband and I went around to check out some VPK programs (Voluntary pre- kindergarten) for our daughter Willow. We finally decided on one that just had a nice feel to the classroom. Let me tell you that we have a family that has a rather odd sense of humor I suppose and we love to joke around with each other all the time. When the teacher was giving us a tour she showed us the little Hermit Crab tank. The class pet.
Willow looked at the Hermit Crab and enthusiastically said, "That would taste good on a stick!!!"
Oh boy!

Until next time-


Kristin said...

Love it! Kristin xo

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Out of (or into) the mouths of babes!

Discovered your blog via the Fence - voted for you, too!

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