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My First Art Workshop!

I have never taken an art class, except for the one you take in Elementary school. I have always just made stuff I like to make. I have been dying to take one but they just don't offer what I consider interesting classes around here in Port St. Lucie, Fla.  They are all the traditional painting, drawing, watercolor, oils etc. I am currently taking an online class entitled, Canvas Create 2012- with Donna Downey. Each month she sends you a video that shows you how to create a canvas from beginning to end. I am loving it so far, but have to admit I am a bit behind! :-) The link for this class is above if you are interested in checking it out! I highly recommend it!

Soon after I started taking this online course from her I discovered she was coming to do a workshop in Port St. Lucie!!!! She is teaching a workshop called, "The Big 40"! We will be learning over 40 tips, tricks and techniques for mixed media! I am stoked!
A great opportunity to expand my knowledge! I am going with my girlfriend this Friday night and should have a blast. I will definitely do a post on  this experience!

Until next time- never stop learning!!!

Art Dolls- A New Adventure!

I have never been a lover of dolls. Cute, little, perfect, prissy dolls, well- they make me want to barf! Ok, I guess that's harsh- to each their own! They have just never been my bag baby! The other day I was at my girlfriend's house and we were looking at a doll magazine. Now they had some cool freaking dolls!! It hit me, I don't have to make a pretty, prissy, perfect doll- I can make make whatever I want! Duh, right? I am also not good at making faces- but I can make whatever kind I want!! This totally made me excited and want to enter a realm I have never been in before.
So I am going to attempt to make my first Art Doll- right in front of your eyes!!
I will use-
-wooden skewers
-an old plastic snowcone cup
-a piece of wood
-fabric and embellishments I find around my studio

So follow me on this journey and lets see where it goes!! Below are some pics of the beginnings.


Working on the head and measuring

Beginning of head and body

Beginning of legs

Until next time- Always try new stuff- it makes ya feel good!!!

Awesome Giveaway!!!

I ran across this site today through Facebook. One of those friend of a friend of a friend sort of things! I am glad I did. Some super cool art! They are hosting a great giveaway that you should check out and while you are there look at the beautiful eye candy! I just may have to do some shopping! :-)
Close to My Art

Until next time- appreciate and spread beauty!

Easter Egg Coloring Time!

Today we colored Easter eggs. I am a bit ashamed to admit that this is the first time my kids have colored Easter eggs. Why- I just didn't want to deal with the mess before. Bad Mommy! I used to teach kids art too! Don't know why this held me back for so long, but I won't let it again! Here are some pictures of the fun!
By the way, the one in underwear is Wren, she hates to wear clothes!

Before the fun began

Sisters! Love



Me and my girls!

Even Daddy joined in the action!

Covered in dye!

In other news, I listed my first Rebel Fairy. If you would like to check her out- Click here!!!

Until next time- color your world!!

Da Moon

Tonight in the early evening I spotted the moon and it just looked so awesome! I had to take pictures. The pictures definately do no do it justice! Even though it is not totally full until tomorrow night, it is still pretty plump.

Until next time, follow your heart!