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Belief Slays the Naysayer

My easel on the table because it takes up too much room when on the ground!
This week my husband surprised me with an easel which was super exciting. Then that feeling of excitement was hijacked by feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. That little naysayer in my head was telling me that only artists use easels- you just make stuff- you are not worthy of an easel.  I am taking a class right now with Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons and I decided to be bold and throw these feelings out there to see if others ever felt this way. I realized that all of have that pesky naysayers in our head trying to tell us we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough- all of these negatives. I came up with the conclusion that believing you are good enough, you are smart enough, you are talented enough is very powerful. BELIEF SLAYS THAT NAYSAYER! Kicks it to the curb where it belongs. As suggested by several of my classmates I decided that I needed to paint something and right away before that  little negator won!!!
What better thing to paint than the word BELIEVE.
What is your naysayer telling you?
What do you need to believe about yourself?
Feed your beliefs and not that wicked, sneaky little naysayer!!!!!!!

Until the next time- BELIEVE!

P.S. I am good enough for an easel! LOL

Monday Mosaic 8/29

One of my most awesome classmates came up with the great idea of Monday Mosaics. Every Monday you post a mosaic of pictures of your weekend! Pretty cool, Huh? Her name is Chelle and here is her amazing blog!  
I would love for you all to join in the fun! If you are interested head over HERE!
Here is my first Monday Mosaic!

I baked blueberry muffins and I NEVER bake! lol
I hung out with my girls and made art.
I also captured cool things in nature when I had a moment!
Look forward to seeing what y'all did this weekend!
Until next time-

You are the Secret Ingredient

  by Bird in a tree creations
, a photo by Bird in a tree creations on Flickr.

A little weekend inspiration! I am a Stay at home Mommy who has seen Kung Fu Panda a million and one times and I always love the part where Po figures out that he is "the secret ingredient" Love that movie!


So, I have been waiting for these round paper mache boxes to arrive in the mail. I have totally redesigned my crystal soap packaging and it is going to look awesome! I tear open the box and............WHAT?!
The boxes are too small and the other is too large. I had my heart set on round boxes but I may have to broaden my idea to a different shape. Until I get that new shape box in my impatient little hands I guess the Universe is telling me to keep working on my mixed media pics!
This is the soap for which I need the new packaging.

Well, I was going to post the pic I am working on but I seem to be having technical difficulties! So instead of trying to figure that one out now I will actually go work on the pic. I'll post an update later! AAGGHH
Until next time-

New piece I'm workin on!

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for my Willow. She is 4 years old and started pre-k. She did not cry nor did I. Her little sister Wren was sad though, she missed Willow. Even though I did not cry it somehow proved to be quite an exhausting day for me rendering me null and void of all energy and emotions.
Any who- here are some pics of the first day.
Willow and Wren

Willow posing

Willow tired of pics at this point!!!

On the way to the car!!!
Until next time-


This has been the month for revamping at my house, in my life and with Bird in a Tree. I am such a word nerd- I love words and I love looking them up when for some reason they sound funny to me. Hence, the definition coming right now!

Definition of REVAMP
transitive verb
1. remake, revise
2. renovate, reconstruct.
Synonyms: alter, makeover, modify, recast, redo, refashion, remodel, change, revise, rework, vary
I think today is the day I will revamp my blog! It needs a face lift.  However, this time, I will not try and do it whilst the kids are awake! Last time I tried that it was was a disastrous situation in which nobody was happy! HEE HEE I have also been working on revamping my soaps! Super awesome stuff! More on that next time. Next time my blog will be in her new outfit!
Until next time-

Inspirational Movie Night!

As I mentioned before, I am taking this most wonderful and enlightening class with Kelly Rae Roberts
and this movie was mentioned so I decided to put it on my Netflix  list! It looks super  inspirational and my hubby is going to watch it with me!!

I will let Y'all know what I think about this documentary in a later post!
Until next time-

On Being Authentic

So, as previously mentioned, I am taking this most fabulous e-course from Kelly Rae Roberts and it has me delving into and peeling apart some of my layers. Being authentic is a really important action. I thought, " I am authentic, I am totally authentic, Right" hmmmm...
I go to look up the definition and this is what I find:

: not false or imitation : real, actual
: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character 
Ok, once again I assure myself that I am totally authentic. Here comes the funny part. I run into my neighbor later that day and we are talking about reading books. I say that I love books as well but I listen to them so that I can clean that house and do laundry while I am listening to my books.
WHAT!!! I had to laugh later because I don't clean while listening to books! Hell no! I listen to my book while I make art! I cut, paint, glue and glitter while the dishes sit in purgatory in the sink!  Did I want her to think that I was a good mom and great homemaker with a totally clean house? Does she really care? Totally not authentic!!!

I sometimes wait to do dishes until the next day, I walk over socks for days to see if anybody else will pick them up I once even wore dirty jeans that has underwear stuck in the leg that I didn't realize until I was in the middle of Walmart! I vacuum and dust around objects. I shove toys under my kids beds just so it looks cleaner- and I make art and I am happy! This is authentically me! My whole family is silly and stinkin' happy!

My husband and I being silly

My daughters being silly!
Until next time- 

Dear Universe, I didn't mean to send you mixed signals!

Today was the first day of a an amazing e-course I decided to take.
BWS tips button

Kelly Rae has proposed some interesting questions and ideas that have really made me think. I have known for a long time that I want to be the owner of my own business, that has always been a given in my mind. It has only been over the past year or so that I have decided that it will be a creative business- making money from my art. This is my passion.
However, I don't think I have been very clear to the Universe as to what it is EXACTLY,that I want and what I am striving to create. The Universe is willing to give you what you want if you are clear and put the energy behind it. I think that I have been, well, WISHY WASHY! ( That is a technical term you know!!)Time to get serious and concrete on paper and in my head and heart and send it out!
Watch out for it Universe- you have a big ole' message comin' from me!!!

Until next time-