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Dear Universe, I didn't mean to send you mixed signals!

Today was the first day of a an amazing e-course I decided to take.
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Kelly Rae has proposed some interesting questions and ideas that have really made me think. I have known for a long time that I want to be the owner of my own business, that has always been a given in my mind. It has only been over the past year or so that I have decided that it will be a creative business- making money from my art. This is my passion.
However, I don't think I have been very clear to the Universe as to what it is EXACTLY,that I want and what I am striving to create. The Universe is willing to give you what you want if you are clear and put the energy behind it. I think that I have been, well, WISHY WASHY! ( That is a technical term you know!!)Time to get serious and concrete on paper and in my head and heart and send it out!
Watch out for it Universe- you have a big ole' message comin' from me!!!

Until next time-


Sherry Williamson said...

Hi Kelly! First, I know just what you mean about sending the universe mixed signals- I'm trying to learn to 'be still' so I can gain some focus. Second, thanks for stopping by Meow Bark Art- but while trying to publish your kind words, I accidentally hit the delete button! Just wanted you to know I appreciated it! Love your blog!!

rita maria said...

hi kelly! thanks for stopping by my blog! yours look so happy and positive. very inviting! really nice to meet you :)

rita maria

Laney said...

Hi Kelly. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog/art! it is very nice to "meet" you :)
I'm off to your artfire site - I love your jewelry!

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Oh, how I know that "wishy washy" term! I look forward to more of your posts that have to do with your "Flying Lessons" course.

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