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Belief Slays the Naysayer

My easel on the table because it takes up too much room when on the ground!
This week my husband surprised me with an easel which was super exciting. Then that feeling of excitement was hijacked by feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. That little naysayer in my head was telling me that only artists use easels- you just make stuff- you are not worthy of an easel.  I am taking a class right now with Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons and I decided to be bold and throw these feelings out there to see if others ever felt this way. I realized that all of have that pesky naysayers in our head trying to tell us we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough- all of these negatives. I came up with the conclusion that believing you are good enough, you are smart enough, you are talented enough is very powerful. BELIEF SLAYS THAT NAYSAYER! Kicks it to the curb where it belongs. As suggested by several of my classmates I decided that I needed to paint something and right away before that  little negator won!!!
What better thing to paint than the word BELIEVE.
What is your naysayer telling you?
What do you need to believe about yourself?
Feed your beliefs and not that wicked, sneaky little naysayer!!!!!!!

Until the next time- BELIEVE!

P.S. I am good enough for an easel! LOL


TipsieJTV said...

Tonight in class I had this same conversation with a classmate who said she was not good enough to be in tje same room with us. You just nailed it on the head.

Joanne said...

My naysayer says " You don't have the time!" I always let chores and everyone else's needs come before anything that I want to do. and now that I take care of my Mom too I feel buried in Things that MUST get done before I DO what I want. your post has inspired me. I have a similiar easel and I think I may break it out!
Laundry and shopping and cooking be damned! We can have pizza tonight!
Blessings, Joanne

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