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This has been the month for revamping at my house, in my life and with Bird in a Tree. I am such a word nerd- I love words and I love looking them up when for some reason they sound funny to me. Hence, the definition coming right now!

Definition of REVAMP
transitive verb
1. remake, revise
2. renovate, reconstruct.
Synonyms: alter, makeover, modify, recast, redo, refashion, remodel, change, revise, rework, vary
I think today is the day I will revamp my blog! It needs a face lift.  However, this time, I will not try and do it whilst the kids are awake! Last time I tried that it was was a disastrous situation in which nobody was happy! HEE HEE I have also been working on revamping my soaps! Super awesome stuff! More on that next time. Next time my blog will be in her new outfit!
Until next time-

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Kelly Lahl said...

Have fun putting your blog in a new outfit. Love that idea!

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