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Transformation Central

I was thinking about a blog topic for tonight when I started to go to that "Bad" place. I think we all go there every now and again. That- "I'm not good enough, I'm wasting my time, what the heck am I thinking?" I started to browse through my ideas/artist journal and I found this page.
Don't ask me why it looks so freaking yellow! I remembered writing this when I was having those thoughts at another time. It reminded me that everything gets done in it's own time and even stagnate periods have a purpose and that I should be present every single minute! I wrote this when I decided to call my studio "Transformation Central" (Got this from an awesome song in the Princess and the Frog!)
I want to call my studio this because not only is it a place where I transform paints, papers and the such into beauty, it is also a place where I, myself, transform. Through each thing I make I learn more about myself and transmute negativity into positivity. It brings me joy, makes me happy and makes me a better person for everyone around me. This same joy I hope to carry out into the world with me. I want to be the happiness pebble that sends ripples of joy all around me wherever I go!

Until next time-

Are There Pigs Flying Outside?

Yesterday we made a family trip to Target. (Pronounced in that fancy french type way- Tarjee- if you know what I mean. LOL) Willow needed a new pair of shoes for school so we were on the hunt for pink, flashing shoes. The closest we could find were these shoes with a disco ball type look. Totally groovy. Why doesn't that come in my size? Just saying...
Any who... We are a family that is kind of last minute on everything. I don't know why. We talk about planning things early but it just never really happens. While we were at Target we decided to look at the Halloween section. In the midst of ghosts, goblins and some costumes that were way too skimpy for kids, (don't even get me started on that one!) I had an epiphany- Why don't we get the costumes now. LOL and we did!!!! I find it extremely funny because it is not even October yet and we are already prepared- there must be pigs flying outside!
On another note- I have started to list my super groovy, awesome smelling soaps with a crystal energy core. I have 2 listed and many more on the way. If you would like to check them out just head on over HERE.

Until next time-

Test Pics!

I took some test pictures of my soap today to see if I could get good enough lighting to do it inside. I think I've got it! Need to do a little more stylizing besides that I believe I am on my way! Here are some of the preliminary pics.

Until next time-

I Have Found and Embraced My Passion!

Some people are lucky enough to be born knowing what  their passion is in life, while others need to go searching. I have been a searcher, navigating my way through life desperate to find that "Thing" that makes me feel all warm inside. I never really knew that I liked to create and never really tried until I was in my late 20's. I moved to Florida when I was about 22 and fell into a job teaching children art. Funny way the Universe puts things in your path. I didn't really pay attention to that cue from the Universe. I went through several boyfriends who were very artistic, a painter, musician, a writer. In retrospect I think I sought them out because they had what I wanted- to create. Did I mention that throughout this entire time I was a raging alcoholic and drug addict? I was a functioning one, always held down a job and managed to pay my bills but was a hot mess!!! When I met my husband and became pregnant I got clean and sober. May of this year marked 4 years clean and sober. It was during this time that I did some real searching. I painted, made jewelry, made soap, candles- you name it! I loved all of them and still love all of them, but I kept coming back to making soap and mixed media.
This is my soap with a crystal energy core! I get to combine my love of crystals with making soap! AWESOME!  I use all Brambleberry scents because they totally rock and are super rich smelling! Each soap contains a clear quartz crystal in the center. Clear quartz is considered the mother of all stones containing the full spectrum of energies. I will once again be making these and selling them in my store. I am also making lots of mixed media with bright colors that make you just want to eat a rainbow!!!
I have found my passion and I am on fire baby!
Have you found your passion? How many twists and turns has your road taken?
Until next time-

Awesome Customer Service

I always love to support "Mom and Pop" business where I can especially since I am starting a small business myself. I wanted to order some Tim Holtz die cutz and I decided to order them from Blue Moon Scrapbooking.  I ordered on the 16th and received it on the 19th. The service was so fast and prompt and I always love when I get a handwritten thank you on my receipt! Now I am not sure if they are a "Mom and Pop" but they sure operate like one! Friendly, helpful personalized service! Very refreshing in this corporate age. They also have a blog which you can visit HERE, and they have lots of videos demonstrating various products. So, you need to go check them out and if you need to order something they carry- get it from them- you will not be disappointed!

P.S. They did not give me any free stuff or pay me to say this! LOL!
Until Next Time- 

Cute Birdie Christmas Ornaments

I am not one that gets sick often but on the first week of Willow's school career she brought home a nasty funk that had me sick as a dog for about 2 weeks. I was well for a couple of days then BAM! It is here again, although, not as bad as the first time. Needless to say I have not been in the studio for a bit. Tonight I am making cute little birdcage ornaments in all different colors and bling! Here are a couple of pics.

Until next time-

Another Killer Sky and a Snail Rangler

At about 7:45 this evening the kids were in bed and my husband and I were talking in the kitchen. I saw this awesome pinky, yellow glow coming from outside. I went to take a peek and the sky was so freaking awesome that I ran to get my camera and take some pictures. (I love taking pics of the sky if you don't already know! LOL) While I was out there my 3 year old, Wren, came out and started to line up all the snails. I let her do it before making her go back to bed because she is a total snail lover and she looked so dang cute! Here are the pics I took.

A close up of the clouds.

You can see the snail rangler's thumb!

Wren- my little snail wrangler

She has lips that women pay a lot of $ for!! LOL

Until next time- keep your eyes open- there is beauty everywhere!

Sunday Blog Hoppin'

I haven't done a blog hop in a long time so I figured Sunday would be a great day. I can play with the kids, hop, make lunch, hop- you get it right?! LOL Why don't you hop along with me!

Hope to see you around!

No Rain, No Rainbows

One of my favorite sayings is, "No rain, no rainbows", meaning that life isn't always full of gumdrops, unicorns, and glitter. Well, it is full of all these things but with a nice dose of crap in between. I think these "crappy" times are totally necessary. They give us perspective and gratitude. I've seen 2 rainbows in the last 2 days and I had to capture them best I could on film. Also caught some snails having fun after the rain!

Until next time remember- No rain, No rainbows!

Monday Mosaic 2

Last week a girlfriend in the class I have been taking started Mosaic Monday. You do a mosaic of your weekend in pictures! I thought this was a super cool idea. Her name is Chelle and here is her blog.
I would love to see others weekends in photos, so if you would like to join in.... Head over here!!!
This weekend I...
-made lot's of art
- took cool pics of mushrooms
- watched an awesome movie (which I will review later on this week
-Did a lot of organizing in my studio
- made lots of yummy fruit snacks
- and no weekend is complete without totally awesome sky pics!!!!
Until next time-

A Fungus Amungus!!

Yesterday as I was looking into the yard I saw what appeared to be a crescent moon shape. As I approached I realized it was a grouping of mushrooms. How curious! Had to take pics!
Crescent moon shape, curiouser and curiouser!

This looks like a sun to me.

Until next time campers, don't eat strange mushrooms!