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I Have Found and Embraced My Passion!

Some people are lucky enough to be born knowing what  their passion is in life, while others need to go searching. I have been a searcher, navigating my way through life desperate to find that "Thing" that makes me feel all warm inside. I never really knew that I liked to create and never really tried until I was in my late 20's. I moved to Florida when I was about 22 and fell into a job teaching children art. Funny way the Universe puts things in your path. I didn't really pay attention to that cue from the Universe. I went through several boyfriends who were very artistic, a painter, musician, a writer. In retrospect I think I sought them out because they had what I wanted- to create. Did I mention that throughout this entire time I was a raging alcoholic and drug addict? I was a functioning one, always held down a job and managed to pay my bills but was a hot mess!!! When I met my husband and became pregnant I got clean and sober. May of this year marked 4 years clean and sober. It was during this time that I did some real searching. I painted, made jewelry, made soap, candles- you name it! I loved all of them and still love all of them, but I kept coming back to making soap and mixed media.
This is my soap with a crystal energy core! I get to combine my love of crystals with making soap! AWESOME!  I use all Brambleberry scents because they totally rock and are super rich smelling! Each soap contains a clear quartz crystal in the center. Clear quartz is considered the mother of all stones containing the full spectrum of energies. I will once again be making these and selling them in my store. I am also making lots of mixed media with bright colors that make you just want to eat a rainbow!!!
I have found my passion and I am on fire baby!
Have you found your passion? How many twists and turns has your road taken?
Until next time-

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Joanne said...

Those are awesome! Congratulations on your four wonderful years sober! May God bless you with many many more! I have always love crafting but I never feel like anything I make is perfect enough to sell. so I tend to give away alot of stuff. I keep saying one day I will set up a website to sell my crafts but lack the confidence to go on.
Blessings, Joanne

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