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Transformation Central

I was thinking about a blog topic for tonight when I started to go to that "Bad" place. I think we all go there every now and again. That- "I'm not good enough, I'm wasting my time, what the heck am I thinking?" I started to browse through my ideas/artist journal and I found this page.
Don't ask me why it looks so freaking yellow! I remembered writing this when I was having those thoughts at another time. It reminded me that everything gets done in it's own time and even stagnate periods have a purpose and that I should be present every single minute! I wrote this when I decided to call my studio "Transformation Central" (Got this from an awesome song in the Princess and the Frog!)
I want to call my studio this because not only is it a place where I transform paints, papers and the such into beauty, it is also a place where I, myself, transform. Through each thing I make I learn more about myself and transmute negativity into positivity. It brings me joy, makes me happy and makes me a better person for everyone around me. This same joy I hope to carry out into the world with me. I want to be the happiness pebble that sends ripples of joy all around me wherever I go!

Until next time-

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