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Do Your Thing... Whatever it is!!!!

I was driving in my truck today when I heard this super funky song on the radio. It just made me feel good all over! It said, "Get on the floor and do your thing whatever it is". I thought- I want this to be my motto in life. Get out there and do my thing whatever it is and be freakin' happy about it. No worries mon! While at a stop light I wrote those words down and when I got home I googled it! (I love google!) I found out it was by Charles Wright and the Watts 103 st Rhythm Band. Went over to You Tube and here ya go!!! Until next time, get on the floor and do your thing... whatever it is!!!!

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Joanne said...

Cool song! had me dancing! You are sooooo right!
Blessings, Joanne

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