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2010 Wrap Up

This year, like all others, was filled with many ups and downs. Faced with financial difficulties, as I am sure many families have faced, sometimes I was not sure how we would make it through. I have been practicing a new way of looking at things and dealing with life. These new ways began a little over 3 years ago when I decided  to take a clean and sober path in life. These "New ways" of thinking truly helped me through all of the roller coaster times this year. Each day I am getting better at "Letting go." I do what is in my control the best I can and leave the rest up to the Universe. This year I have also practiced not worrying for it is really a wasted emotion. Worry does not change things- actions do. Each day I try to better myself in whatever ways I can and each new day I will continue to do the same. I am truly grateful for everything in my life right now. I am thankful for such a wonderfully supportive husband who stands by my quest to be the best person I can be while following my dreams. I am thankful for my healthy, smart, funny as shit girls who just make my heart glow! I am thankful for my friend Court who is always there to listen to me cry, complain or whatever. I am thankful to my friend Debi who always encourages me to think outside of the box and not be fearful of trying new things artistically! I am thankful that my mom now lives close so she can watch my children grow as well as watch me grow into the woman I know I can be!
If I continue to do the footwork and let God(Universe) navigate, I will always be right where I am supposed to be and 2011 will be an even better year than this one!! WOOO HOOO!!!!!!

I guess this is kinda a P.S.- After I wrote this and posted it I got to thinking that I never said things worked out and we are on much stronger ground now!!! All the hard work and letting go paid off. Also, now that I have my own art space and am becoming better at managing my time I will hopefully be cranking out more cool jewelry and art to put up in my Artfire store!!!!!! The Universe is good!!!

Mini Holiday Meltdown!

Let me preface this little rant with these 3 thoughts first:
1. I am thankful for the new job that my husband just landed!
2. These minor irritations are what I would call "Cadillac" Problems.
3. I love my life the way it is right now and I am exactly where I should be!

This being said tonight is making me nuts!!!!!!!!!! My husband just started a great new job in which somebody just quit which means he has had to cover some shifts. He worked all day today, arrived home to get a phone call that this A-hole did not show up so once again he will have to work to about 2 in the morn. He will have to work tomorrow night as well. I must now complete all the Christmas preparations without his help and we always do everything as a team. First, I was trying to put batteries into one of Wren's gifts and stripped the screw thing and cannot get it open! LOL! My mother-in-law thought the girls bathroom could use some redecorating so she bought a shower curtain and everything else to match to put in there Christmas eve so they would be surprised on the morning. At first this really pissed me off because I figure this is my house and who are you to decide that I need to redecorate??!!! Upon much thought I decided to let it go because I know it came from a good place, it's about the children and she picked out really cute fairy stuff. So tomorrow night after the children go to sleep I have to redecorate the bathroom! As far as cleaning the house I have decided to say F-IT!!! It will become a disaster after opening presents anyway so I will not stress over something so silly. I think I am out of tape.
marry christmas Pictures, Images and Photos Christmas cat Pictures, Images and Photos
These are funny and made me laugh!
This being said- Life is good!

Fall in Florida

I live on the Treasure Coast of Florida which is roughly located in between Orlando and Miami. We do have a change of seasons here but we don't really get all those pretty fall leave colors. There is this one tree that is right outside of my patio that does change colors every year- it is very odd. Every year the leaves change, fall off and grow back. Once it did that twice in a winter, I thought for sure it was a goner!!!
This is the tree!

The other day I received a great surprise in the mail from my friend Tipsie! She is a lifecaster over on Justin TV. You should go check her out! Any who- she sent me this awesome Aerogarden! In the new year the girls and I are going to try our hand at growing some herbs. It will be very cool for the girls to grow something from seed and then be able to eat it!!!

This is the Aerogarden from Tipsie!

Last of all, I am working on this piece that I am desperately trying to finish as soon as possible. I have to adhere my lady and I have a phrase I would like to write on the canvas. I have been putting it off a bit because I have to fit the phrase within a certain area- and if I "F" up, well then, I am totally "F-ed" Get my drift? I guess at one point I will just have to throw caution to the wind and do it- whatever happens, happens!

OK- I cannot figure out how to put these 2 pics side by side!!! LOL!! Another lesson for another time!

The Most Amazing Day Ever!

If you are reading this now, it is probably because I sucked you in with the super juicy blog title. Ha, Ha, got ya! Not only was it NOT an amazing day, it has also been a pretty unproductive evening! I so desperately wanted to blog with not a whole lot to write about! Lately I have been feeling pretty unmotivated to do anything. Not sure why. I guess keeping up with a 2 and 3 year old will do that to ya. I was so lazy tonight that when I went to make coffee for the morning, I didn't even dump out the grounds from today, I just put new ones on top! Have you ever done that? Ok, maybe it's just me...  After the children went to bed I sat in my art room staring at the Christmas cards I need to finish. ( I know, I know Christmas is right around the corner, but I figure if everybody gets them by the first of the new year- all is good) I played a new silly game on the computer while listening to Lucas Davenport. I was going to play with my daughters new Christmas toy before I wrapped it but I know my husband wants in on that fun too! We will do that tomorrow! ( I know Y'all play with the cool kids toys before wrapping- Right? or is that only me too?...)
Any who- have a great night y'all

How to Feel Miserable as an Artist

I found this while cruising the web and thought it was just great! I do not remember the source. Thought y'all might enjoy it!

Feels like things are finally paying off!

After months of complaining to myself and to anybody who will listen to me whine about how little time I have to get things accomplished- I finally feel as if things are starting to come together!. It is such a great feeling. My story is not unique, it belongs to all of us. Whether you are a SAHM, a working mom, a working woman- no matter what your situation in life I think we always have that sense that we don't have enough time to do the things we want to do. I have just continued to take baby steps towards my mini goals and am beginning to see it all come together. All these night that I feel as if I am getting nothing accomplished- But I am! I guess I want that instant gratification- I want it done and I want it done now!!! WHHAAAA!!!

Well, that's just not the way the world works and as much as I may want it now I am glad it doesn't work that way. What a great feeling when all of the baby steps start to add up and I look back and say "wow" I have come this far! Wooty Woot!!! My Art room is finally coming together, I am being more consistent on blogging and I am almost ready to open my Art Fire shop. I have been working on redesigning my blog page, with alot of help and pointers from Pixie Polly. She has a great blog that I love to read everyday and has been so kind to offer me help when I need it! Thanks so much Polly! In closing, I will work on enjoying the baby steps more because they do count! I will also stop being so hard on myself about trying to get everything done now! Tee Hee.

My new art table with the fab lamp my girlfriend gave me!

The art table I am getting in order.

Time for Some Blog Hopping!

I am excited for another weekend of blog hopping and I love this one that Tara so graciously hosts! I always look forward to meeting and learning about new people. I have really made some great connections this way.


Mini Melt Downs and Mini Miracles

On the mini meltdown end- I had one last night. Not an earth shattering, ugly cry one, just a mini one, if any of you know where I am coming from! I was sitting in my art room surrounded by all my wonderful art supplies, finished projects, half finished projects and projects still in the brainstorming phase. Then it hit me, I started to cry. Like I said, not an Earth shattering cry, just a pitiful little lost cry. I kept thinking- what am I doing? Why am I creating this stuff, what is the point, where am I going, am I on the right path? Yuk- I hate it when I get like that! My husband popped in and inquired as to what was the problem. (God Bless his soul, he has to deal with this all the time!!!!) I told him and he asked, "Does all of this make you happy?" I said "Yes" and he replied, "Well, that is all that matters." I blubbered, "But none of this does anything to help our family in anyway."  He chuckled and informed me that it makes me happy and a happy mommy is a good thing! He always knows how to make me feel better!!
On the mini miracle end, our washer which has been broken since Thanksgiving was fixed and it was a minor repair!!! Yea!!! I have never been so happy to do laundry! I am on my 4th load now. There are no laundry mats around here anywhere!!! Where I used to live they were on every corner and I probably used all of them. I never take my washer and dryer for granted because those memories of the Coin-O-Washes are so fresh in my head!!! Thanks for mini miracles!!!!!
Peace, Love and Light

Doing "Nothing" is OK

As I sat down to write this blog, I was going to start with something like- I did not get everything accomplished that I wanted to today. Now, I see myself as a pretty positive person most of the time. Of course I have my pity pot moments but in general I am pretty positive. I decided that I need to focus on the things I did get done not on the things I didn't and I found it to be a pretty big list. It is amazing how if you change your view of things how much better you feel. I think I put way more pressure on myself to "Get things done" than I need. I have been clean and sober for a little over 3 1/2 years. Prior to that I was pretty much wasted for about 20 years. I think this is why I always feel I must do more or get more done. Sometimes I feel as if I need to make up for all that time. I am working on the fact that I don't always have to be "Doing"!!! Relaxing and putzing around the house is just as important as "Doing"
         I would like to know who else feels the need to constantly "do" and why? Are you working on doing "Nothing" is ok?
Peace, Love and Light


After the children were tucked into bed, I stepped into my studio and was like "Whoa! What a mess!" A couple of weeks before my art show I comandeered a room in my house to become my art studio. I really needed a creative space/retreat of  my own. The little corner of my bedroom just wasn't cutting it anymore. I never really had time to organize or place anything. So here starts my task. It is quite daunting not knowing where to begin. I organized all my beads, papers and ephemera. Overload- I needed a break. I went outside and the moon was fabulous, so I took a picture.

This is the best picture I could get and it does not do it justice at all.  Like the moon, my life is very full right now. Full of hope, dreams, aspirations and most important of all- LOVE! I feel so blessed to have a husband that stands behind me and encourages me to pursue my dreams! Back to organizing and then to get some pictures of my craftings up in My Handmade Store!

Blogger's Block?

So, I have not blogged in a little while and the other day I was pondering as to why. I had a craft show that was coming up and had to finish making alot of stuff- was this why- maybe, a little bit. I have a 2 and 3 year old that run me ragged all day- was this why- maybe, a little. Was I worried that I had nothing to write about and that my life is so uninteresting that nobody would possibly want to read it- I think this is probably the biggest reason why. I seem to place little guidelines and rules on myself before I have even written anything! Where do these come from? I have been inspired by somebody I love to follow and read-   Pixie Polly
She is so inspiring to me because she always writes straight from the heart. I am going to make a point to blog everyday about whatever comes to me without shutting it down before it has even been typed. It's like I censor my own self. WTF??!!! I don't know why.
So- here is to trying something new! Thanks Polly!


Spirit of the Universe, I pray to remember,
No one can make me change.
No one can stop me from changing.
No one really knows how I must change,
Not even I. Not until I start.
Help me remember that it only takes a slight shift
In direction to begin to change my life.

This is from:
The 12 Step Prayer Book Volume 2 by Bill P. and Lisa D.

Finding Balance

There is a saying that goes something like this- I know exactly where balance is, I see it every time I swing past it!( Not word for word but I am sure you get the point!) I am in a constant state of trying to find balance as I am sure are lot of you. I think we are always seeking balance and once you get a little glimpse of it- gone, for our lives constantly change and evolve. Finding the balance between the many hats you wear throughout your day. For me it is, being mom, being a wife,a friend, a daughter, a cook, a teacher, a housekeeper, a chearleader, a creator- the list could go on infinately.

Just for today, I feel I may have found that balance. Be the best mom I can be and give my girls wonderful memories of our time together. They are 2 and 3. These times only happen once and can never be recreated. NO DO-OVERS!!! Everything else that I can accomplish over that should be icing on the cake- Right.

Tell me how you define balance, or lack thereof, in your life right now? I would like to know.

Until next time- Peace Love and Light

Getting back in the Swing!

What better way to get back in the swing of things than a good ole fashioned blog hop! Here we go!

BoostMyBlogFriday Photobucket

Ummm- Month of the Time Bandits?!

I noticed that it has been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. Time really seems to run away sometimes. It also doesn't help that lately I feel as though my get up and go has got up and went!!! I have really had no desire to much of anything. Not to create, not to blog- nothing! I am going to make a concerted effort to change this situation. Doing these activities always make me feel alot better!

So- here we go- day one- back in the swing!

Peace, Love and Light

The Week of the Time Bandits

They did it again- The Time Bandits- they took all my time. My last post was on monday, almost a whole week. What can ya do?
Just start fresh, I suppose. Let's start with this blog hop! Wooo Hooo!!!

Just Married with Coupons

My New Tool

Today I received my new dry erase board in the mail! It is another one of my attempts at getting my life organized. I just don't get how people do it!!?? Miss Pink Dandy Chatter suggested that I try a dry erase board. It is here and I am excited- now to put it to work! I will keep you all updated and how it works out!
Peace, Love and Light

P.S. I am loving The Event, it is right up my alley and very intriguing. Great acting and actors as well.

the event Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, Sunday...

Going a little crazy!!! How long can this day possibly last?

Time to Discover New Peeps!

Photobucket BoostMyBlogFriday

It's time to go out into cyber blogging land to discover new people, interesting lives and cool stuff!!

My Art Space!!

Ok, I am in need of serious help! Organization! How organized can you possibly get in such a small space?! You haven't even seen the closet in which I moved half of my husbands clothes out for storage! LOL!!! Needless to say, I am off to organize, clean kitchen, fold clothes and other misc. motherly/wifely duties and make it to bed by 10:00!!!! I have 1 1/2 hours--- can it be done--probably not but I will give it my best!
Peace, Love and Light

My Girls

Ok, so today was a pretty uneventful day. Well I shouldn't say that because my girls, Willow and Wren always keep me on my toes. Since I talk about them so much- here is a pic. This is a rare one too because they never want to stand together for a picture. I have plenty of them seperately but only about 5 together!

Have a great Monday night! I am going to check out The Event!
Peace, Love and Light

Send me Pearls of Wisdom and Advice

Today I am feeling very defeated and inadequate. I would love all of the artistic stay at home mommies to send me some advice and encouragement! How do you do it? How do you make it all work? How do you carry the tasks of Mommy, wife, home keeper togetherer (ok- I know it is not a word but it works for me right now!) and still have time to create art and these wonderful blogs!? HOW... I don't want to be WonderWoman
wonder woman Pictures, Images and Photos

Although it would be really awesome to have an invisible jet and the wrist thingies are pretty cool--- but I would like to be able to meld everything a little better.
Peace, Love and Light

Fixin' a Camera

This evening, once the kids were tucked in, I took my camera apart to try and fix it. My oldest Daughter broke it while trying to be a photographer. I know nothing about fixing cameras but since we can't pay to have it fixed and can't get a new one anytime soon- I thought what the heck. I love to take things apart anyway so what could it hurt? Once I finally got it back together- it worked! However, no zoom.... :-( That is what I need the most to take pictures of my jewelry, soap and other arts. I am grateful that I will still be able to take pictures of my girls but-

Charlie Pictures, Images and Photos

Girls Morning Out!!!

Today was my girls morning out! Most people have girls night out, I have a morning! I love and cherish my Tuesday mornings. I get together with my girlfriend and we talk about art and we laugh. It is great to get out and get a break from the kids and I always leave totally inspired!
I have been working on this multi-medium canvas and will have to say I am quite pleased so far with all the browns, pinks and golds!

Have you checked out my awesomely fragrant soaps with a crystal energy core? They smell super yummy, have wonderful colors and contain a crystal in the center.
You know you are intrigued, you know you want to see it- come on, just do it.
The links are over there to the right- no, your other right. Do you see them- just click on them...
You know you want to -just do it, right there

right pointing red arrow Pictures, Images and Photos

There you go---now click and enjoy!

Peace, Love and Light

Blog Hopping baby!!!

Blog hopping Baby!!!
Here is another hop I'm trying, will blog later after kiddos are in bed!!!

Cutting, pasting, rubbing, sticking

I have a bit of a rant I would like to go on but it will have to be saved until later tonight or another day. 6:30 am- 8:00 pm with a 2 and three year old has me wanted to curl up in a little ball uttering, ba ba ba ba, like Goldie Hawn in Overboard. (love that flick!)

So, I am going to get some much needed therapy and cut, paste, rub and stick!
Screw laundry, cleaning and any other motherly, wifely duties!!!!
Peace, Love and Light

Little Miss Silly, trying to stay up late.

I am a stay at home mom of a 2 year old and 3 year old. Both girls. The older one, Willow, goes to bed at 7:30 sometimes we let her stay up until 8. Today is a 7:30 night because my husband and I both have alot to do. This is my only creative time to paint, blog, make earrings etc. She figures if she can make us laugh then she won't get fussed at for getting out of bed- well she is pretty smart and right. As I am sitting down at my art desk in rolls Willow wearing underwear around her neck and on her head with a deadpan look on her face and says"Look, it's underwear." Of course I crack up and tell her to put it away and go back to bed. 2 minutes later, in rolls Willow with pants on her head and the legs wrapped around her neck like a scarf. This girl is something else!

On another note, I am loving the blog hops! I get to find people that I may not have found and new people can find me as well!! Lovie it! My experience has been very positive so far. Thanks to all the people that have popped in and all the future "popper inners"

Time for house work crap, then the creative fun!!!

Peace, Love and Light

My first try at a Blog Hop

Ok, so I found out there are these things called Blog Hops. It is such a great idea to discover new people and for them to discover you! This looked like a pretty cool one so I am going to try it! You should try it to!!!! So I believe all you have to do is click on the icon below and follow the directions. I will let you know how it works out for me and you can tell me how it works for you!!


Will I ever make my mind up? Probably not... HAHAHA!!!

Here I blog again on my own, (ok, cheesy Whitesnake reference) I have changed the appearance of my blog once again and I'm sure it won't be the last. Just too many options and I keep on learning how to do new and different things. It is very stimulating and exciting for my brain after playing with my 2 and 3 year old all day! Gotta keep that brain stimulated baby!  I have been so busy with this in the evenings that I haven't even made any new art but I suppose this is an art form unto itself. Just checked on my little Willow to see if she was asleep- and she was- atop a mound of pillows like the Princess and the Pea. Time to put on my Ipod and listen to my new book- John Sanford- Rules of Prey- and do the fun things like laundry, cleaning the kitchen blah, blah blah... Then back to the fun stuff! CREATING!!!!!!!
Peace, Love and Light


It is 10:24, I should be turning into a pumpkin about now but I just can't seem to get enough knowledge! My brain just wants more! Being a brand new blogger, I look around at others blogs and what a great job the have done and how kick ass they look! Not as computer savvy as I want to be but I know with my continued hard work and persistence I can get there. After all, I have only been at this for a couple of days... Deep Breath...
Peace, Love and Light Y'all

Learning how to register my blog


I have learned now that I can register my blog with different places so that more people can find me! I tell ya, I am learning sooooo much that I never knew before! Now If I can just figure out how to make a super cool, pretty awesome blog banner. Yee haw! Rolling, rolling rolling.. keep dem doggies rolling-- RAWHIDE!!!
Peace, Love and Light

Back to the Drawing Board...

I need to change these colors!!! Still working on the look of my page. I also need to create a blog banner and have no idea how to go about this task!!! It is 10:30 in the morning and I am hanging out with my 3 and 2 year olds, Willow and Wren, alas, there will be no designing until tonight after my 2 little monkeys are safely tucked in bed!!! I suppose I can dream and plan in my head until then!
Peace, Love and Light

More changes, more learning to go...

A sample of the soap I make with a Rose Quartz in the center.
Well, it is 8:15 pm and my "me time" has just begun. Both kids are finally in bed and I have approximately 2 hrs to fit in art, blogging, finding the perfect design for my blog and laundry, cleaning the kitchen. AAAGGHHH!!! Today was my adult morning out. Tuesday mornings I get together with my friend and we talk art. It feels so great to get together with someone who has the same interests as I and she always totally pumps me up and inspires me. Tonight I am going to try and post a pic with my blog. Yea- that just worked. I am going to start uploading pictures of my works-n-wares!!! If you like what you see, you must check out my website and store.

Now I am off to learn more about making my blog page spectacular, do laundry, make art.....
Peace, Love and Light

Working out the Kinks

So, yesterday was my first official blog. Whoo hoo!! I also have my first follower! Thank you Aquariann for checking me out, giving me encouragement and being an inspiration. I would also like to thank my friend Courtney who put this mantra in my head, "Less farming, more pimping!"  Courtney- you have always been such a great cheerleader for me!! I am finding out that this blogging thing is not that easy. AAAGGHHH!!! There is alot to learn if I want it to work the way I imagine. I am discovering new things around every corner and soaking it all in to my crazy brain. The background image is kick ass however, I don't like the way it makes me feel confined, so I think I will be changing that one tonight. Finally figured out how to link to my website and handmade store.(major accomplishment for me)
With that being said, here I go again!
Peace, Love and Light

P.S. I can't take pictures of my new stuff because my little 3 year old broke my camera. :-( I will have to take it apart to see if I can fix it!

Brand Spanking New Blogger

So, I have decided to start blogging. Hmmmm. This is all very new to me and I suppose I will just learn as I go. Being a bit of a perfectionist this process is driving me nuts. I want everything perfect the first time- just how I want it to be and look. Realizing that this will not happen, I have decided to just roll with it and learn as I go. So this is my official first post to see how it looks, where it goes and learn the process.
Peace, love and light