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Mini Holiday Meltdown!

Let me preface this little rant with these 3 thoughts first:
1. I am thankful for the new job that my husband just landed!
2. These minor irritations are what I would call "Cadillac" Problems.
3. I love my life the way it is right now and I am exactly where I should be!

This being said tonight is making me nuts!!!!!!!!!! My husband just started a great new job in which somebody just quit which means he has had to cover some shifts. He worked all day today, arrived home to get a phone call that this A-hole did not show up so once again he will have to work to about 2 in the morn. He will have to work tomorrow night as well. I must now complete all the Christmas preparations without his help and we always do everything as a team. First, I was trying to put batteries into one of Wren's gifts and stripped the screw thing and cannot get it open! LOL! My mother-in-law thought the girls bathroom could use some redecorating so she bought a shower curtain and everything else to match to put in there Christmas eve so they would be surprised on the morning. At first this really pissed me off because I figure this is my house and who are you to decide that I need to redecorate??!!! Upon much thought I decided to let it go because I know it came from a good place, it's about the children and she picked out really cute fairy stuff. So tomorrow night after the children go to sleep I have to redecorate the bathroom! As far as cleaning the house I have decided to say F-IT!!! It will become a disaster after opening presents anyway so I will not stress over something so silly. I think I am out of tape.
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These are funny and made me laugh!
This being said- Life is good!

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