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Fall in Florida

I live on the Treasure Coast of Florida which is roughly located in between Orlando and Miami. We do have a change of seasons here but we don't really get all those pretty fall leave colors. There is this one tree that is right outside of my patio that does change colors every year- it is very odd. Every year the leaves change, fall off and grow back. Once it did that twice in a winter, I thought for sure it was a goner!!!
This is the tree!

The other day I received a great surprise in the mail from my friend Tipsie! She is a lifecaster over on Justin TV. You should go check her out! Any who- she sent me this awesome Aerogarden! In the new year the girls and I are going to try our hand at growing some herbs. It will be very cool for the girls to grow something from seed and then be able to eat it!!!

This is the Aerogarden from Tipsie!

Last of all, I am working on this piece that I am desperately trying to finish as soon as possible. I have to adhere my lady and I have a phrase I would like to write on the canvas. I have been putting it off a bit because I have to fit the phrase within a certain area- and if I "F" up, well then, I am totally "F-ed" Get my drift? I guess at one point I will just have to throw caution to the wind and do it- whatever happens, happens!

OK- I cannot figure out how to put these 2 pics side by side!!! LOL!! Another lesson for another time!

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