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Feels like things are finally paying off!

After months of complaining to myself and to anybody who will listen to me whine about how little time I have to get things accomplished- I finally feel as if things are starting to come together!. It is such a great feeling. My story is not unique, it belongs to all of us. Whether you are a SAHM, a working mom, a working woman- no matter what your situation in life I think we always have that sense that we don't have enough time to do the things we want to do. I have just continued to take baby steps towards my mini goals and am beginning to see it all come together. All these night that I feel as if I am getting nothing accomplished- But I am! I guess I want that instant gratification- I want it done and I want it done now!!! WHHAAAA!!!

Well, that's just not the way the world works and as much as I may want it now I am glad it doesn't work that way. What a great feeling when all of the baby steps start to add up and I look back and say "wow" I have come this far! Wooty Woot!!! My Art room is finally coming together, I am being more consistent on blogging and I am almost ready to open my Art Fire shop. I have been working on redesigning my blog page, with alot of help and pointers from Pixie Polly. She has a great blog that I love to read everyday and has been so kind to offer me help when I need it! Thanks so much Polly! In closing, I will work on enjoying the baby steps more because they do count! I will also stop being so hard on myself about trying to get everything done now! Tee Hee.

My new art table with the fab lamp my girlfriend gave me!

The art table I am getting in order.

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