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Spreading Our Wings

I took the most amazing course this summer with Kelly Rae Roberts, Artist, Author and Possibilitarian. From this class I have connected with many creative, supportive, truly awesome women. There is really nothing better than having your own little cheering squad at your disposal! In a world where it sometimes seems that women try to sabotage other women (this sucks! WTF?!) it is fabulous to have all this support from smart, creative women! You ladies rock! We have decided to host a blog hop. This one right below!

Amaranthine Violet:
Beatriz Peñas B.:
Beth Cougler Blom:
Cindy Jones Lantier:
Hillary Courson:
Jennifer DeVille:
Julie Hamilton:
Kari DeSaulnier:
Kris Lanae Binsfeld:
Liza Zeni Baker:
Rain Hannah:
Stacey Chadwick
Teresa Cash-Czech:

We invite everyone to join in, feel the love and get inspired!!!
Here are the awesome women participating, check'em out!

Until next time- get inspired and make beauty where you can!!!

Trying Something New!

I was looking at my studio the other day and thought that it needed some sprucing up! It is rather plain with white walls. I have lots of different fabrics that I have collected and decided to sew them together to make a cool gypsy type wall hanging. The only problem- I don't really sew! I am persistent and will finish this project however, how it turns out it a whole other story! LOL!! My girlfriend just purchased a new sewing machine and was kind enough to give me her old one. I hope to make her proud on this project! Here are some pics of the fabric.

I will keep y'all updated on the progress of this endeavor!
Until next time-

Stopping to Smell the Roses

Ok, so we weren't really stopping to smell the roses but we did spend some awesome afternoon time blowing and chasing bubbles!
My Lil' Wren

Some flowers they picked for me!

Chasing bubbles

Until next time, blow bubbles when you can!!

Pumpkin Patch

Friday I chaperoned with Willow's class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. In Florida this usually means a church that has a bunch of pumpkins on wood palates that are for sale! It proved to be quite interesting! Let me rewind for a minute here and tell you about the first chaperone experience ever to Publix- in which we entered the meat cutting room and the butcher told us how he cuts meat, showed us his cool chain mail glove and taught  us that the room is so cold so bacteria doesn't grow- just what every 4 year old wants to know! LOL!!!
Fast forward to the pumpkin patch. We had an aspiring comedian reading us a story that involved pumpkins and Jesus and he made the tree talk like Rocky Balboa. Never boring around here, huh?
You know what folks- it's never boring where you are either, if you can just find the humor in everything. They are little shiny gems just waiting to be plucked!
With that, I leave you with some pics from the trip. I know there are more pics of nature than my kids! Can't help it. hee hee

My lil' Wren had to organize the gourds!

Remember when you were a kid, how good it felt to run!

Willow playing a bowling game with the nice young man.

Love seeing the moon in the daytime!

I was attacked by red ants while taking this picture!
Until next time- always look for the humor in every situation! It will make you a happier person!

Sickie Couch Surfing

Not much going on around here lately accept for the evil sickness that refuses to leave! I knew that once my daughter Willow started school that she would more than likely get sick considering she had never been around other children but this is ridiculous! As a result we have done a lot of couch surfing! The other day I buried them on the couch in all kinds of stuff! Hee, hee, we had fun.
Willow making a face! The 2 tucked in!

Lil' Wren

My Willow

Until Next time, may the sickies leave you and your family alone!

Super Yum!

This song is inspiring me right now! Jus' sayin'...
 Until next time-


I did not intend on writing a blog tonight but this has been weighing heavy on my mind and I thought I should just spit it out there in the Universe. Lately I have been thinking very hard about intentions. Hmmm,
               1. the act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result
               2. the end or object intended; purpose.

I know what I want and I know what my intentions are and I am wondering if I am taking the proper steps to get there. Is there really any right way? How do you know you are on the right path? Am I dreaming too big? Am I not dreaming big enough? Am I just plain ole' putting too much pressure on myself? I do know that I have a tendency to be a "results now" type person. I need gratification now! I need to know it's paying off now! Maybe this is just a lesson from the Universe to learn patience. Maybe I need to let it flow more and stop trying to control everything and it's outcome! Maybe my dreams are smaller than what the Universe has in store for me and I should just keep working full steam ahead and enjoy the ride!
Does anybody else out there have these insane conversations in their head???!!!
Until next time-


I love it when hard work starts to pay off, it is such a great, satisfying feeling! One of my soaps is featured in an Artfire Collection! Woot Woot!
For those of you who have not seen these yet, they are totally super smelling and unique. I have never seen anybody else make them. I use Brambleberry scents (the best I have found!) and I embed a clear quartz crystal in the center.  I you would like to check out the Collection, head on over HERE!
Have a great weekend Y'all! Looks like this weekend will be full of rain for us on the Treasure Coast this weekend. Good thing I love the rain!
Until next time-

Monday Mosaic 10/03

Monday Mosaic time again and when I last checked we were up to 14 people particiating! Pretty Awesome peeps! Basically you make a mosaic of your weekend. If you would like to be a part of this head on over HERE! I always have pictures of skies because I am quite taken by them. I would take pictures of skies all day long if I could make it a living!I spent lots of time with my girls doing silly things, like seeing how many layers of clothes we could put on! I roasted garlic for the first time and used it to make homemad hummus. We did some snail wranglin' because my girls love snails. I also spent every night in my studio dreaming big and making art. What did you do this weekend?

Until Next time- Dream Big!

Do Your Thing... Whatever it is!!!!

I was driving in my truck today when I heard this super funky song on the radio. It just made me feel good all over! It said, "Get on the floor and do your thing whatever it is". I thought- I want this to be my motto in life. Get out there and do my thing whatever it is and be freakin' happy about it. No worries mon! While at a stop light I wrote those words down and when I got home I googled it! (I love google!) I found out it was by Charles Wright and the Watts 103 st Rhythm Band. Went over to You Tube and here ya go!!! Until next time, get on the floor and do your thing... whatever it is!!!!