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Pumpkin Patch

Friday I chaperoned with Willow's class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. In Florida this usually means a church that has a bunch of pumpkins on wood palates that are for sale! It proved to be quite interesting! Let me rewind for a minute here and tell you about the first chaperone experience ever to Publix- in which we entered the meat cutting room and the butcher told us how he cuts meat, showed us his cool chain mail glove and taught  us that the room is so cold so bacteria doesn't grow- just what every 4 year old wants to know! LOL!!!
Fast forward to the pumpkin patch. We had an aspiring comedian reading us a story that involved pumpkins and Jesus and he made the tree talk like Rocky Balboa. Never boring around here, huh?
You know what folks- it's never boring where you are either, if you can just find the humor in everything. They are little shiny gems just waiting to be plucked!
With that, I leave you with some pics from the trip. I know there are more pics of nature than my kids! Can't help it. hee hee

My lil' Wren had to organize the gourds!

Remember when you were a kid, how good it felt to run!

Willow playing a bowling game with the nice young man.

Love seeing the moon in the daytime!

I was attacked by red ants while taking this picture!
Until next time- always look for the humor in every situation! It will make you a happier person!

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