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Girls Morning Out!!!

Today was my girls morning out! Most people have girls night out, I have a morning! I love and cherish my Tuesday mornings. I get together with my girlfriend and we talk about art and we laugh. It is great to get out and get a break from the kids and I always leave totally inspired!
I have been working on this multi-medium canvas and will have to say I am quite pleased so far with all the browns, pinks and golds!

Have you checked out my awesomely fragrant soaps with a crystal energy core? They smell super yummy, have wonderful colors and contain a crystal in the center.
You know you are intrigued, you know you want to see it- come on, just do it.
The links are over there to the right- no, your other right. Do you see them- just click on them...
You know you want to -just do it, right there

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There you go---now click and enjoy!

Peace, Love and Light


Pink Dandy Chatter said...

I love having girls morning out too. Although, I don't get to do those very often =)

Shona Cole said...

oh morning out sounds lovely!
I added your blog to the collage directory :)

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