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Working out the Kinks

So, yesterday was my first official blog. Whoo hoo!! I also have my first follower! Thank you Aquariann for checking me out, giving me encouragement and being an inspiration. I would also like to thank my friend Courtney who put this mantra in my head, "Less farming, more pimping!"  Courtney- you have always been such a great cheerleader for me!! I am finding out that this blogging thing is not that easy. AAAGGHHH!!! There is alot to learn if I want it to work the way I imagine. I am discovering new things around every corner and soaking it all in to my crazy brain. The background image is kick ass however, I don't like the way it makes me feel confined, so I think I will be changing that one tonight. Finally figured out how to link to my website and handmade store.(major accomplishment for me)
With that being said, here I go again!
Peace, Love and Light

P.S. I can't take pictures of my new stuff because my little 3 year old broke my camera. :-( I will have to take it apart to see if I can fix it!

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Cmitchie said...

We gotta keep it moving baby! Keep it moving!

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