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Blogger's Block?

So, I have not blogged in a little while and the other day I was pondering as to why. I had a craft show that was coming up and had to finish making alot of stuff- was this why- maybe, a little bit. I have a 2 and 3 year old that run me ragged all day- was this why- maybe, a little. Was I worried that I had nothing to write about and that my life is so uninteresting that nobody would possibly want to read it- I think this is probably the biggest reason why. I seem to place little guidelines and rules on myself before I have even written anything! Where do these come from? I have been inspired by somebody I love to follow and read-   Pixie Polly
She is so inspiring to me because she always writes straight from the heart. I am going to make a point to blog everyday about whatever comes to me without shutting it down before it has even been typed. It's like I censor my own self. WTF??!!! I don't know why.
So- here is to trying something new! Thanks Polly!

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Amy @ Render Me Mama said...

Good luck! I am smack dab in the middle of National Blog Posting Month myself and its kicking my butt! You should check out the website (, it has some awesome prompts on things to write about.

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