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After the children were tucked into bed, I stepped into my studio and was like "Whoa! What a mess!" A couple of weeks before my art show I comandeered a room in my house to become my art studio. I really needed a creative space/retreat of  my own. The little corner of my bedroom just wasn't cutting it anymore. I never really had time to organize or place anything. So here starts my task. It is quite daunting not knowing where to begin. I organized all my beads, papers and ephemera. Overload- I needed a break. I went outside and the moon was fabulous, so I took a picture.

This is the best picture I could get and it does not do it justice at all.  Like the moon, my life is very full right now. Full of hope, dreams, aspirations and most important of all- LOVE! I feel so blessed to have a husband that stands behind me and encourages me to pursue my dreams! Back to organizing and then to get some pictures of my craftings up in My Handmade Store!

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