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Mini Melt Downs and Mini Miracles

On the mini meltdown end- I had one last night. Not an earth shattering, ugly cry one, just a mini one, if any of you know where I am coming from! I was sitting in my art room surrounded by all my wonderful art supplies, finished projects, half finished projects and projects still in the brainstorming phase. Then it hit me, I started to cry. Like I said, not an Earth shattering cry, just a pitiful little lost cry. I kept thinking- what am I doing? Why am I creating this stuff, what is the point, where am I going, am I on the right path? Yuk- I hate it when I get like that! My husband popped in and inquired as to what was the problem. (God Bless his soul, he has to deal with this all the time!!!!) I told him and he asked, "Does all of this make you happy?" I said "Yes" and he replied, "Well, that is all that matters." I blubbered, "But none of this does anything to help our family in anyway."  He chuckled and informed me that it makes me happy and a happy mommy is a good thing! He always knows how to make me feel better!!
On the mini miracle end, our washer which has been broken since Thanksgiving was fixed and it was a minor repair!!! Yea!!! I have never been so happy to do laundry! I am on my 4th load now. There are no laundry mats around here anywhere!!! Where I used to live they were on every corner and I probably used all of them. I never take my washer and dryer for granted because those memories of the Coin-O-Washes are so fresh in my head!!! Thanks for mini miracles!!!!!
Peace, Love and Light


Polly said...

you know, this week I've been fighting the same thoughts, that all of the stuff I do is pointless. I've had the urge to chuck it all in and give up. But I'm trying to rememeber that I'm doing this for ME and noone else. If I sell some bits, great. If I make friends online, even better. The point of it is(as your amazing husband said) that it makes ME(YOU) happy


iEmbellished said...

It is all about you my dear!! Do it cause it makes you smile! I was having my own meltdown over white footed ants and the toxicity of having them removed. Found out my neighbor had them and then after her pest guy just used repellent they bastards moved over to us next door! AAaaarrrrrrrhhhh!!! $500.00 to the exterminator, cats and dog displacement for 5 hours and the all the hassle...priceless because I was trapped in the studio all day!!!!There is a God ;] Don't give up chica cause I see your stuff and you just keep on keepin' on !

Jenilee said...

Yay for the washing machine! :)

Thanks for visiting Six in the Nest!

Jaime said...

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