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Another Killer Sky and a Snail Rangler

At about 7:45 this evening the kids were in bed and my husband and I were talking in the kitchen. I saw this awesome pinky, yellow glow coming from outside. I went to take a peek and the sky was so freaking awesome that I ran to get my camera and take some pictures. (I love taking pics of the sky if you don't already know! LOL) While I was out there my 3 year old, Wren, came out and started to line up all the snails. I let her do it before making her go back to bed because she is a total snail lover and she looked so dang cute! Here are the pics I took.

A close up of the clouds.

You can see the snail rangler's thumb!

Wren- my little snail wrangler

She has lips that women pay a lot of $ for!! LOL

Until next time- keep your eyes open- there is beauty everywhere!

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Joanne said...

Wow! those pictures are incredible! Your daughter is so J would have probably said Yuck and ran away!
Blessings, Joanne

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