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My First Art Workshop!

I have never taken an art class, except for the one you take in Elementary school. I have always just made stuff I like to make. I have been dying to take one but they just don't offer what I consider interesting classes around here in Port St. Lucie, Fla.  They are all the traditional painting, drawing, watercolor, oils etc. I am currently taking an online class entitled, Canvas Create 2012- with Donna Downey. Each month she sends you a video that shows you how to create a canvas from beginning to end. I am loving it so far, but have to admit I am a bit behind! :-) The link for this class is above if you are interested in checking it out! I highly recommend it!

Soon after I started taking this online course from her I discovered she was coming to do a workshop in Port St. Lucie!!!! She is teaching a workshop called, "The Big 40"! We will be learning over 40 tips, tricks and techniques for mixed media! I am stoked!
A great opportunity to expand my knowledge! I am going with my girlfriend this Friday night and should have a blast. I will definitely do a post on  this experience!

Until next time- never stop learning!!!

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