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Art Dolls- Part 2

A couple of posts back I told you all about trying out something new- art dolls! ART DOLLS- PART 1
Well, I have completed a bit more on my first art doll. I thought I was using paperclay, turns out I was using clay mache!! LOL! Live and learn, huh?! This doll I have been working on I have been using the clay mache. I think it gives a pretty cool rustic, folksy look. I have started making some cool birds with the paperclay (I will post pics of those later)
 So here are some pics of the doll thus far.

I have legs made but I'm not sure if I want it to have legs !

This is the top of the head I crackled.

This is the face that I think I will be steampunking up!

Until next time- keep trying new stuff!!

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Joanne said...

Very Very cool! I have always loved making dolls, but mine are not as cool as yours!
Blessings, Joanne

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