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Art Dolls- A New Adventure!

I have never been a lover of dolls. Cute, little, perfect, prissy dolls, well- they make me want to barf! Ok, I guess that's harsh- to each their own! They have just never been my bag baby! The other day I was at my girlfriend's house and we were looking at a doll magazine. Now they had some cool freaking dolls!! It hit me, I don't have to make a pretty, prissy, perfect doll- I can make make whatever I want! Duh, right? I am also not good at making faces- but I can make whatever kind I want!! This totally made me excited and want to enter a realm I have never been in before.
So I am going to attempt to make my first Art Doll- right in front of your eyes!!
I will use-
-wooden skewers
-an old plastic snowcone cup
-a piece of wood
-fabric and embellishments I find around my studio

So follow me on this journey and lets see where it goes!! Below are some pics of the beginnings.


Working on the head and measuring

Beginning of head and body

Beginning of legs

Until next time- Always try new stuff- it makes ya feel good!!!

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