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Canvas a Month Class

I signed up to take The Canvas a Month class from Donna Downey. It is totally affordable and I am learning all kinds of new techniques! Each month she has a video where she shows you how to make 1 canvas. I just finished my January canvas! ( I know, it's March- but I have very little creative time with a 4 and 5 year old!) If you are interested in her online classes- CLICK HERE!

Here are pics of my January canvas.

So much fun and it great adding new techniques to my creative library!
Again- if you want to check out these e-courses- head on over to Donna Downey!

Until next time- keep learning!

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Linda said...

Awesome new site! Good for you!! I'm glad to hear that you like Donna Downey's class. I thought about it but I can't get to what I already have on my plate;)

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