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I Feel Good! Da na na na nuh!

In case you did not get it, the title  post is a James Brown reference because I am doing super happy dances!!
I finally finished my first "Rebel Fairy"!  Between all the hats I wear, sometimes the artist hat gets neglected! This is definitely a hat I need to put on more often because it makes me so stinkin' happy! I took some pics to give you guys a sneak peak. Really quite horrible pictures but I just could not contain myself. I'll take better ones tomorrow in the sunshine!
This is the base that I painted then crackled.

I stamped the crackle and then glued pretty little stones all around the edge.

Don't mess with a Fairy!!!

Here's my girl!

The second piece of most awesome news is that my soaps were featured in 3 collections this week!!!
One entitled, "Perfect Shades of Purple"  ,  "Have You Checked in Today?"  , "Fun Yellows and Oranges"

I also created my first collection on Artfire that made it to the feature front page!!!
I definitely feel the Universe telling me I am heading in the right direction and that all my work is starting to pay off!!

Be patient, the Universe says. Keep spending all your time with your precious girls and fit art in when you can. Before you know it, you will have more time to create. But continue what you are doing and savior that time. I promise- The Universe

Until next time- savor each precious moment.

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Joanne said...

I LOVE it!!!!She is adorable!!!
Blessings, Joanne

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