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Depression Sucks Big Time!!!

It has been over a week since I have blogged. I  have been trying to consistently blog at least 2 days a week. Why haven't I you ask? Depression. Not a situational depression, like my life sucks or I have a shitty husband depression. The kind that comes from your chemicals in your brain being all wonky!  I have awesome children, a husband who supports all my dreams and aspirations, and we can pay the bills. But still... the funk. I just don't want to do anything. The activities that would normally bring me joy- I have no interest in. I have not made art in over a month and I am faking it with everything else. I see my Dr. on Friday, but I have just about lost faith in him too. This constant game of adjusting medications is getting to me... bad! Alas, I will not give up. That is not in my nature. I am a survivor!
Below is one reason I keep on keepin' on! My Daughter Willow!!!
ok, I just noticed... it looks like she is throwing up gang signs! WTH!! LOL!!
Until next time- don't let nothing get you down- let it strengthen you!


Kelley Miller said...

Hang in there Kelly!! I just started my new meds too, and boy adjusting is no fun. I actually managed to create today...woo hoo! So it will come....i know it will come :)

Shells said...

Big hugs, hope you get those meds sorted out soon.

Kathleen Conard said...

I have been there, too, and hate that "funk". I will keep you in my prayers. The waiting is so hard. Please keep us posted!

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