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Photo Friday

I have always loved taking pictures. I remember when got my first camera when I was about 10 or 11. It was a polaroid instant. You know the kind, where you take a picture and get instant gratification when that picture spits out of the camera and you wait for the picture to magically appear as it dries. I used to take pictures of my cabbage patch dolls and my brothers. I just loved it.
Before I had children I loved to take pictures of nature. Ride my bike to the beach stopping along the way for cool rocks or trees. Now that I have kids most of my photographs are of my children- but taking pictures of nature is still my favorite!

That being said- I am making Fridays- "Photo Friday"
Here are some of my pics to kick it off!!!!!
Right outside of my house

Savannahs Park, FL.

The lone flower on the path!

Appreciate all the beauty around you!!! Until next time-

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