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Peeling Back the Layers

Lately I have been thinking about peeling back my layers. Every time I think of that phrase it reminds me of this great dialogue between Shrek and Donkey. (Hey, I'm a mom- alot of my references and A-Ha moments now come from children's movies!)For those of you who are not familiar- here is a clip- the best one I could find.

I have been feeling quite stuck for awhile, creatively, and could not figure out why. I had plenty of excuses- most of them being I am tired. Now that is very true to a point. Being a stay at home mom to a 4 and 3 year old is very mentally, emotionally and physically draining but should not always stand in the way of my creating.
I finally came up with the real reason and surprise- it is the most obvious, slap you in the face reason:

                       FEAR FEAR FEAR

Now, I could have pointed that out in someone else, or someone could have told me- but I would not believe them and deny it till the cows come home. This was a conclusion That I had to come to on my own. Fear of rejection, fear of making crappy stuff, fear of making things people don't like and just general fear of the unknown. I got down to the heart of it and asked myself-
Why do you create?  Well, because it makes me happy and makes me feel alive.
Then a voice inside of me said, "That's all that matters"
So, that being said, in order for me to conquer this fear I will start posting pictures of all my artistic endeavors. What I perceive as good and what I perceive as crappy!!! EVERYTHING!!! Unfinished projects, barely started projects, and experimentation with new mediums. Once I realize that the world will not crumble underneath my feet I will be on my way to conquering a great fear.

Until next time peeps-

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