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Metamorphisis in Action!!!!

My girls and I were at Walmart the other day and were cruising down the "As seen on T.V." aisle and we saw the grow your own butterfly kit. I thought that it would be pretty cool, so we bought it.

We sent away for our butterfly larvae and it came in the mail. I think that it may have been in the mailbox a couple of days so I was a bit nervous that when I opened it I would find a bunch of dead little caterpillars but they were all alive and well. I have been documenting their growth.

In the last 2 photos you can see that they have made their way to the top to start making their cocoons. The girls are totally fascinated with this and cannot wait to see how they make their chrysalis.
I definitely recommend you try this with your children because it is truly awesome!!!

As a little side line- as I am typing this I found it extremely interesting that I have been going through a "dead" sort of time and space. It occured to me that perhaps I am just climbing right now and am fixing to form my own little cocoon of sorts. Even times where it seems as though nothing is happening- IT IS!!!!
I am confident that I will emerge- once again- on the other side, transformed. Perhaps I am just in a chrysalis stage, forming and changing into a butterfly! I am ready to fly!!!

Until next time-

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