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Best Family Ever!!!!

I sat down to post a new blog and saw the date of my last blog.... Omg!! Almost 1 whole month since my last one, but I will get to that later. I was sitting down to write about how grateful I am that I have the most awesome family! I have been feeling rather poopy for well over a month now. I have had no desire to do anything at all and just feeling over all crappy. Yesterday after my husband arrived home from work he said- go take a nice long hot shower it will make you feel good. So- I did. When I came out I had the most special, heartwarming awesome family moments!
You're Special and cheer up balloons!

My Willow and Wren

The girls and my husband were waiting for me with balloons and a plate of powdered donuts and little Hershey drops! Talk about big time happy cry!!! I truly lucked out when I met my husband and we created such an awesome family! Until next time-

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