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Messy Studio = Stuff Getting Finished!

Hey Y'all! Been very busy making cool stuff, sorting out costumes for the kids and stressing about the messy house yet doing nothing about it! I feel as if I am getting sick to boot! I'm keeping this post short and sweet so I can paint a little then hit the sack early. I'm posting pictures of my "Very Used" studio- ahem- and one of the items that are fully created. The rest are in various stages of finish which I will share as soon as they reach that point.

Yes, the floor is totally covered with papers, scissors, trinkets etc. Oh, and my Ipod- I love to listen to books while I make cool stuff! That table is where I mold and sculpt with my paperclay.

Paints of every color, glues, adhesives, Liquid Pearls- You name it! I actually know where everything is here!

Here is a box of completed ornaments. I am very pleased with how they tuned out. They are made out of Paperclay, which is a very light weight clay, so they are not very heavy at all!!! Decorated and embellished with paint, papers, liquid pearls, Stickles and drum roll please- GLITTER!!!! I will have to say, I am not a snobby creator and will add glitter wherever I see fit. Me love glitter! LOL!

Until next time- sometimes it's ok to rest- give yourself a break!


This Moment said...

Kelly--your ornaments are great and I LOVE glitter. I also love getting a peek into other studios as well--thanks for sharing it.

I totally agree that sometimes you just need to rest. After I finished my minis I felt a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I'm dropping them off tomorrow afternoon--another good feeling. Hope you feel better soon!


kelly corso said...

Thanks Jill and as you know, I love your minis!!!

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