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Move it Monday Part 6

Hey Guys! I believe I am on week 7 of my get fit journey and loving to see and feel all the changes in my body. I feel better and have much more energy. I have been working out 3 days a week but this week I am uping it to 4! I have lost 7lbs and now my size 11's are too big! Woot Woot! I continue with the clean eating- well, except every now and then! Once in a while a girl just has to have and ice cream sandwiched in between 2 chocolate chip cookies- YUM!  I think I might even see enough difference to start showing Y'all some progress pics!

Me- in all my work out glory! LMAO!

Until next time- If you want to make a change in your life, you can do it!!


Linda said...

You go girl!!

kelly corso said...

Thanks Linda! One day at a time. :-)

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