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Today I did a craft show that I do every year, the only one I do. I would really like to concentrate more on making an online presence. I do this one with my my friend and my mom and we have a great time. It was even slower than last year! I did however sell a handful of items. The best parts of the show were the compliments people gave me on my paintings. I believe people will not go out of their way to give you a compliment unless they actually mean what they are saying. I also noticed that my paintings made a lot of people smile and that was awesome! Even though I did not sell any of my art work, the positive feedback was great confirmation that I am on the right path! The best comment of the day was when a woman came up that had bought some items from me last year and told me she loved my work and that I was totally evolving. It made me do a little "Evolving" happy dance. Tee hee he!
Here are a couple of pictures of my table.



My girlfriends total couture scarfs!!!

Until next time- Keep evolving!!!


Lori said...

Kelly - compliments are wonderful - great attitude regarding a slow show.

Linda said...

What an awesome post! Yes, it is all about evolving;D

delia hornbook said...

Your work is lovely and its great to keep evolving and growing ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

Kanchan Mahon said...

I hear what you’re saying, we are always becoming new versions of ourselves. It’s what it means to grow and change. Seems like you’ve got the trick of accepting that you are wonderful at every state of growth! Awesome!

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