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This Thanksgiving we barbequed. Everybody is kinda sick and we just decided we will do all the big cooking another day. I think that we should practice giving thanks everyday- I know i do. I am a big gratitude list maker!!! Here is my gratitude list for today:

1. A most awesome supportive husband
2. Healthy kids with the most awesome senses of humor
3. Great friends
4. afternoon naps
5. a roof over my head and food in the fridge
6. morning coffee
7. my own art studio
8. my blooming morning glories
9. always eating dinner together as a family.
10. My health -
This list could go on and on. The little things are very important.
Here is a pic of our B-B-Q Fire!!!

Until next time- what are you grateful for?

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Grateful for my family and friends and that they are all healthy and happy. Big blessings!
BBQ sounds great to me! Feel better!
Blessings, Joanne

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