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Faith Without Works is Dead

My last blog post proved to be pretty freaking depressing! Not really my intent, but I thought if I am to be real and authentic I should document everything- not just sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. Several times I considered taking that post down. It was too sensitive, too revealing, too scary. Then I decided to leave it up, at the least somebody may read it and realize they are not alone- not the only one who goes through these trying times. I know that when I have read some heartfelt posts they made me feel good- not alone.
I entitled this blog "Faith without Works is Dead", because I am a firm believer that faith is nothing without hard work. I have faith that I will feel better but it will take some work on my part. I just went to have my hormones tested to see where I am on those levels. I would really like to get off all the antidepressants and deal with these issues naturally if possible. The thing that sucks- all of this takes time. In the meantime where does that leave me?- feeling like shit! I thank the Universe everyday that I have wonderful family and friends that support me throughout this crappola! Courtney had been absolutely amazing and supportive- Debbie gives me a kick in the ass to do at least one creative thing a day and my husband is the cat's freaking meow! Even my girls can tell when I need a good laugh and are quite awesome at supplying that! I even have some amazing online inspirations, Pixie Polly, who gives me far away love when needed.

Until next time-

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