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Guinea Pig Time Again

I am so freaking tired of being a guinea pig. Time after time I go to my Dr., still feeling like crappola.  I can't really blame them because they don't know shit either!
 If one med doesn't work, well, try this one. I just know that the day before, the pharmaceutical company stopped by and said- hey try this new product! Hence, me taking the position of guinea pig! I just pray that my hormone test says that mine are off, because if they are not, that means I have to keep going through these pharmaceutical hoops. It is so difficult and tasking. People that don't understand say- just move past it, do some exercise, think positive- you will feel better. They don't understand that this is not a situational depression- that I would welcome with open arms! This is a chemical depression that is here! My life is awesome! This is the best I have ever had it! However, I can not appreciate it because the chemicals in my brain are fucked up!
Must leave this rant and pray for a better tomorrow!
God Bless-


Joanne said...

I completely agree about the meds thing. I hope you find something that works either meds or holistic type things.You are in my prayers.
Blessings, Joanne

kelly corso said...

Thank you Joanne. You have always supported me from afar and it means alot to me! XOXOX

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