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I Love Learning!

I signed up for this class a couple of months ago and as some of you may know I have been dealing with depression issues. Not because I have problems in my life but because the chemicals in my brain are whacked! I have been praying that I would feel better before this class began. The class started on Monday and I started a new Med about 8 days before. I have actually been feeling a bit better. I actually want to get up in the morning and I have been singing to music again which is major!!!
Back to the class, Hello Business, Hello Soul. It is only the second day of class and I can tell you it is absolutely amazing! It has made me seriously delve deeper into who I am and exactly what I want. It focuses you in on creating not just a $ making business but a business with soul that means something to you and urges you to keep at it!  It if you want to create a business or infuse an already existing business with soul- I urge you to check out this course. I am only 2 days in and it is already blowing my mind!
Until next time- be soulful!

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WrightStuff said...

I love learning too and this course is going to be fab!!

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