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Holey Moley Flooding in our Hood!

Tropical storm Isaac pounded us on Monday with serious rain! The kids still had school and it wasn't that bad in the morning. I picked Wren up at 12 noon and I could barely see the road on the way. When I left our parking lot already had about a 1/2 a foot of water. I decided I would get Willow early. When I arrived at her school I was informed they were on lock down and no students could leave. Great! While waiting for the lock down to be lifted a tornado warning was issued. We (all the other parents, Wrennie and I) were ushered into a backroom to hunker down for the duration of this warning. Did I mention we were stuck in there with a very chatty boy of about 11 and a crying baby! Long story short, we finally got Willow and battled the rains and flooding home. Here are some pics.
Outside of my studio window

Off the side of our porch

Our parking lot

The water level on our truck.

Our parking lot had a couple of cars get stranded and all over the city there were cars stranded. Some areas had 2 feet of standing water. I pray NOLA and Mississippi and the gulf coast don't get it too bad. It is a very slow moving storm that is dumping a lot of rain. We got about 14 inches!

In other news, I am finishing some of my birds!!! YEA!!! I will post about them next.

Sending prayers out to all in the path of Isaac. Until next time-

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Joanne said...

Oh I hope the worst is over. Thats is alot of flooding! Take care be safe! Prayers for all
Blessings, Joanne

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