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Our Weekend With Isaac

This weekend we weathered Tropical storm Isaac. In fact as I write this we are still experiencing a lot of rain, flooding and of and on tornado warnings. We really lucked out and it is not too bad. The girls and I worked on a school project for Willow. She was given an outline of a girl that she was to decorate. We made a copy so that Wren could make one too!!

Willow and Wren working on their pictures

Willow's in progress

I am slowly adjusting to the new school schedule. After I drop Willow off I have a 2 hour window before I pick up Wren. This is the time where I squeeze in art! So that is where I am off to now!!!

Hope everybody has a fabulous day and I am sending good energy out to all the people that live where Isaac is headed!!

Until next time- stay dry, create your own life one day at a time and smile!!!!

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Joanne said...

Oh those precious hours where you can be free to create are pricless! Enjoy enjoy!
Blessings, Joanne

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