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Jupitar Artigras

This past weekend was the Jupiter Artigras which has many amazing artists! I really wanted to go but it is difficult. We only have one car in which my husband uses to go to work. It gives a whole new meaning to- Stay at Home Mom!!! I really am at home all the time except for the walks we take. Monday was the last day of the festival and my husband busted his butt to get work done and gave me a call and said, "You and the girls get ready! When I get home we are going to Artigras!" I was so so excited and so were the girls. Willow and Wren had their face painted for the first time!

Bueatiful sky on the way to the festival

We rode a trolley from the parking lot to Artigras

Willow wanted a butterfly

Wren wanted to be a kitty!
Until next time-


W.B. said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Calamity Kate said...

Thanks for visiting Calamity Kate's this week.
Check it out, you are featured at Calamity Kate's Kitchen! Have a wonderful weekend!

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