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Vision/ Positivity Board

I have this bulletin board hanging in front of my computer. I used to hang all our bills on it to remember when to pay them. I decided that was not a very good idea- it was sending bad energy out into the Universe! I put all the bills in another place and now I would like to turn this into my Vision/Positivity board. Right now there are a couple of Willow's drawings on it and some phrases. One says- I will not compare myself to others and the other one, Don't be so hard on yourself. I also have the Serenity Prayer. I am going to fill it with things that I would like to see materialize in my life as well as some more reaffirming phrases.
Any ideas of some great phrases, sayings or quotations?
Until next time-

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Juli said...

Love the Page! Your so creative! Wish i was, but i didn't inherit the genes. Lol Miss & Love Ya! XOXO Juli

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