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Valentines Day with the Fam

Yesterday was Valentines Day and just like any other day for this stay at home mom. My husband's boss gave everybody a nice little bonus for V-Day, so when he arrived home from work we all went out to dinner.
Willow and Daddy

Excited about eating out

Wren and I- she hates having her pic taken!

Willow and Daddy

Wren and Mommy

Wren finally agreed to give me a nice pic for a Valentines present!
After dinner we planned on all going to Walmart to cruise around and get some necessities. As we were getting into the car, Wren began to have a meltdown! I HAVE TO POOP!!!!! (Valentines is definatley not the way it used to be! LOL!) She didn't want to go in the restaurant but freaked out all the way home. Once we arrived home, she no longer had to poop and did not want to go anywhere! So, Wren stayed home with Daddy and Willow and I went together. We played with all the cool toys and looked at neat stuff. Willow is the best! She never whines or cries about wanting something- so well behaved! (little pat on the back!)

On another note, I finished my Steampunk Debutante which is now up in My Shop! Tonight it is time to start a new project! Excited and ready to go! Hope you guys have a fabulous day- until next time-


Calamity Kate said...

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting at Calamity Kate's Kitchen. You have been featured in this weeks Friendly Friday Post. Thanks so much, Kate

Danielle said...

Cute, cute pictures! I hear you on the "holidays as a stay-at-home-mom don't feel much different" note!

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